Landing Page Elements A SEO Company Will Help You With – Successful Marketing

No matter what you want to do with the launch of a website, you will want to create landing pages that will help connect consumers with your site. Whether it’s for affiliate marketing purposes, or to make sure that you get a larger portion of the market share in your industry, subpages that people can land on will allow you to get more traction with advertising, SEO, and more. Hiring a SEO company is a good idea to spread the wealth in this regards, especially with so many different solutions that can be cycled through in regards to marketing collateral. When looking at building and establishing a brand, you will want to have several elements within landing pages to get moving forward. Without them, you will end up losing out on a captive audience online.

The Correct Information

SEOYou will need to figure out what information you want to have on a page. Too much information is bad, and having people fill out a great deal of forms to get to a point where they are past your landing site is important as well. You do not want to have too much information within the body of a website, and you definitely don’t want to have too little. There’s a balance here that needs to be considered when moving forward. If you are not balanced in your approach, you will have a high bounce rate. That is not a good thing. Bounce rate is measured when someone hits your page and then jumps right out within a few seconds. It’s just not a good thing to work within and will only cause problems overall.

A Clear Marketing Flow To The Call To Action

Not only do you need to have a specific call to action in place, you need to make sure that you have a clear marketing flow to it. The person that lands on your site should be able to pan and scan through your site and get to the exact position that you want them to be at. Do not just dump them on a page with a lot of different icons, images, videos, and links to click on. You have to narrow down the options and make sure that you drive the message home with a clarity that is not found within other pages that you may develop. Whether you set up a landing page for email collection, traffic generation, or any other reason, you have to have a clear marketing flow that drives the point of a call to action home.

Mobile Marketing Compliance

Right now millions of people surf the internet exclusively on their smartphone. They are ditching the laptop, they are ditching their desktop and are using tablets and smartphones. That means that your landing page has to be optimized to handle the screens that are going to be used to see your site. If you do not have compliance for mobility, then a SEO company will make sure that you do. Your load times are effected here and you absolutely need to focus on the way things are shared throughout the various devices that are being used to view your page. This is something that many marketers forget and end up losing a huge chunk of traffic as a result.

Compliance Testing

Ah yes, the one thing that nearly every marketer forgets to do, and that’s test the site for broken links and other issues. Slow loading time, typos, image errors, and so much more can be caught by just compliance testing everything. You will find that this is going to cause you a great deal of headache after the fact. It’s for that reason that a good SEO company will monitor this before it becomes your standard page to market. You should never just launch a page and then just forget about checking in on it. You may find that the server it’s on crashes, and the restored site is not the accurate one. You may also find that the links are broken, or send people to the wrong area. There’s a lot of problems that can be stopped by just testing, and that’s why you need a second opinion on all you launch.

Trust and Truth Within The Page

There are a lot of different things that you need to look into, including the trust that you get from your site. There are a lot of different elements that you need to consider when you’re building a website, especially a landing page. Making sure that your site is trustworthy in relation to what you’re promoting is difficult. However, with the help of a good SEO company, you will be able to earn consumer trust, display badges that help, and will utilize the right terms and vocabulary to hook people into clicking through your call to action without having to oversell or overstate.

The above elements are all parts of landing pages that work well on the internet today. You may think that you’re an expert in these areas, but it’s best to let a competent firm work on the elements for you. With the right attention to details, you may end up making a successful site that you can depend on for a number of reasons.

Steroid Alternatives

People may consume steroids for medical reasons as prescribed by a doctor. Many countries have banned the use of steroids in sports due to its health risks. Therefore, athletes opt to take steroid alternatives, which are accessible and have no legal impediments.

History of Steroids

Berthold, a scientist conducted earlier research about steroids in 1849 by removing the testes of cockerels. As a result, the birds lost their male sexual characteristics. Later, he transplanted the removed testicles to the abdomen of the same birds. The experiment resulted in unaltered sexual functions of the birds. Scientists conducted a series of experiments from 1929 to 1936 until they created the steroid testosterone and started the clinical trials in humans.

Legal Steroids

Research has developed steroid alternatives that comply with the law. You consume the supplements as prohormones and your body transforms it into hormones, thereby making it legal. Many users have shifted to the following legal steroids to avoid the liability of infringement.

•Dehydroepiandosterone (DHEA)

buy research chemicalsDHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and naturally present in wild yam’s roots. The law categorized DHEA as legal steroid, which is manufactured and distributed as a supplement. Studies show its significant role in the management of diseases such as adrenal insufficiency, systemic lupus and depression. The supplement is available at health and wellness stores.


It is one of the earliest prohormones developed, yet still one of the most preferred because it has fewer estrogenic effects. This is a more direct predecessor of testosterone than DHEA.

•Gowth Hormone Supplements

Growth hormone is a natural substance manufactured by the pituitary gland of the body, which promotes growth in childhood and wellness of organs. The supplement improves muscle strength, increases energy and enhances sexual function.


Reports show that it is effective for gaining muscle mass and decreasing fat levels in the body. In addition, it increases endurance and promotes optimal function. It is one of the legal and reliable steroid alternatives with remarkable results.

•C-9-T11 is a controversial supplement extracted from a rare plant in Africa. Studies reveal that bodybuilders gain 202% strength and 600% growth in muscles in six to seven weeks. Furthermore, reports disclose no notable side effects with the use of this supplement. Furthermore, people using it encounter reduced abdominal fat, blood sugar, bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

•Creatinine is one of the steroid alternatives that provide energy, muscle strength and endurance. This metabolite is in the muscles, pulling water from the surrounding tissues resulting in lager muscles. It also helps in the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides. Experts do not recommend the supplement for people suffering from the kidneys and liver disorder. Hydrating the body is an essential task during intake of creatinine.

•Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin (ECA) are over the counter medicines and used as supplements for burning fats.

•Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

These unsaturated fats have omega-3 and omega-6. EFAs are vital in the production of testosterone, burning fats and maintaining cholesterol levels. EFAs come from dietary sources and supplements because the body cannot manufacture it.


The substance emerged in 1990s as a supplement, which hastens synthesis of calcium and phosphorus.


The compound demonstrated significant fat-free weight gain. The substance fascinates bodybuilders due to its less androgenic side effects.

•Testosterone Enhancers include products that have avena ative, tribulus terrestris, testofen and other natural contents. Eurycoma Longifolia or Longjack, a powerful herb from Malaysia is one of the recognized testosterone boosters in the market. Clinical research reveals that this supplement can increase the testosterone and burn body fat. Other significant effects include improvement of oxygen distribution, enhancement of blood circulation and decrease in the risk of heart disease.

•Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate

Athletes take these minerals to replace the body reserves used up during workouts.

•Amino Acid is one of the healthiest supplements available in the market. It helps in the recovery of muscles after workout.

Studies show that use of steroid alternatives is safer and more affordable than anabolic steroids. Hence, its recognition and reception in athletic and bodybuilding world.

Managed VPS Server versus Unmanaged VPS Server

Choosing the type of VPS hosting is quite confusing. You need to consider your requirements and allocated budget for your VPS server. The most commonly availed VPS hosting services are managed and unmanaged VPS servers. In this article, you will know their differences to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

The Managed and Unmanaged VPS Servers

Managed VPS server is intended for people who are not knowledgeable of the technical jargons regarding web hosting and server management. In this case, the VPS provider is entitled to fix all arising issues about server functioning like server maintenance, upgrade, configuration, and security. If you have a managed VPS server, you will no longer worry for the functionality of your server. A managed VPS is conducive for business owners to focus on enhancing their website. There will be no server distraction anymore.

On the other hand, unmanaged VPS is more beneficial to those who have the ability to manage and monitor their own server. In this hosting service, you are only given with an installed server and a physical infrastructure. You are responsible for all issues concerning your hardware and up-time. You must also exert effort in maintaining, securing and taking care of your software. If you are not familiar with recent software and tools, it will be difficult for you to handle the server. You may encounter serious problems like compatibility and troubleshooting issues.

VPS serverIf you really need the support system of your VPS provider, but you opt to choose the unmanaged server, you need to pay them per hour of service. This is not a practical decision because the price rate is really high. In this case, the cost of the support service will wipe out your savings from choosing the unmanaged server.

Unmanaged VPS is advantageous if you want to customize the whole hosting service. You may get the features you want and eliminate those you don’t need. In this way, you will only pay for the features you need. Furthermore, your expenses will be reduced if you choose an unmanaged VPS server.

Which one is suitable for your site?

To know which one is right for your site, you need to know your preferable installed applications, your time allotment for server administration and your budget. You also need to determine if your technical knowledge is already enough to manage your server. Decide whether you will use a control panel or not.

If you are confident that you can administer your VPS, then you must avail the unmanaged VPS package. In this way, you can save more money. If you want to focus on improving your website, the managed VPS is a better option. The administrator will be responsible for the technical server maintenance.

Moreover, the managed VPS is suitable for a rapidly flourishing online business that requires a greater load of hosting resources. With this hosting service, you will receive fully scalable services that can maximize your storage space. As your storage requirements increase, you just have to tell it to your VPS hosting provider that you need more resources. As a result, your hosting company will give you additional resources and charge you an extra payment.


Selecting your new VPS server may be difficult for some of you. All features and specifications offered by the VPS hosting provider should be analyzed carefully. Evaluate the company’s reputation based on several customer reviews.

Based on the information provided in this article, managed and unmanaged VPS servers have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, webmasters can choose either of the two, depending on their personal needs and budget.

The Components of Electronic Cigarettes and Their Function

There are a lot of different electronic cigarettes available on the market today. You may even see numerous online stores that are selling them. For some people who are not yet familiar with them, confusion is a common thing. They vary when it comes to the designs and some of them look just like tobacco cigarettes. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the same. To be able to understand their difference, knowledge about the components of electronic cigarettes as well as their functions is essential. With this, you will be able to see why these devices are better than tobacco cigarettes.


Most electronic cigarettes have rechargeable batteries which are e juiceusually their largest component. Because they are rechargeable, the devices become a lot more portable. The batteries of electronic cigarettes power the sensor, atomizer as well as the LED light that may come with these devices. Some electronic cigarettes include a larger battery shaped like a cigarette pack. This is known as the portable charging case. It is made to give users the ability to recharge the battery in their devices wherever they go.


The latest models of electronic cigarettes have a sensor which is activated whenever the user is puffing the device. Other electronic devices that don’t have a sensor use a power button that must be held when the user wants to smoke. Sensors simply send a signal to activate the atomizer. They also light up the LED light that might be included in the device. Its function gives smokers the feeling that they are just puffing a tobacco cigarette.


The atomizer is one of the components that are responsible for producing the vapor. There are different kinds of atomizers but they usually have a small heating element that heats up the e liquids until they vaporize. It also has a wicking material that is responsible for drawing the e liquids in. Nowadays, smokers can find atomizers that can be rebuilt according to their electrical resistance preferences. They can also customize the coil and wick.


Through customizers, electronic cigarettes are able to imitate the form of a tobacco cigarette. This component is basically a trunk of the atomizer and the cartridge which serves as a delivery system for the e liquids. Its poly-foam that is liquid-soaked surrounds its heating element and acts as the holder of the e-liquid. If the taste of the liquid turns like it is burnt, this component must be disposed and replaced. These customizers are usually refillable.

E Liquids

The liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes is called e-juice or e-liquid. It can include nicotine and its strength level varies. It also comes in various flavors which makes it a lot more exciting to use. E liquids are the ones that become vapor when the atomizer heats up. It doesn’t have any substances that can cause harm to the smoker. Moreover, its contents don’t react and change for the worse when it vaporizes, unlike the additives found in tobacco cigarettes.

You now know each part of electronic cigarettes as well as how they work. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, these devices are safer and you won’t have to worry about health risks every time you use them. Aside from the safety that they offer, you can get more benefits from them. There is no harm in trying these devices. If you are in doubt, you may check some reviews about them and see what the people who have used them have to say. It is not bad to have a better and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking. You can improve your wellbeing through this.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Rubber Wristbands as a Marketing Tool

If you are a business person, you may see rubber wristbands as potential marketing tools that can effectively promote your business. You are not mistaken if that’s the case. Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of small, medium and large enterprises are already using this strategy, and you can utilize it too. The key is to have a suitable design that effectively matches and represents your product or service.

Before embarking on this project, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of using this form of marketing technique. By knowing the benefits and drawbacks, you can decide better on whether to take advantage of it or not.

Here are lists of the pros and cons of rubber wristbands as a promotional tool:


1. The masses are great endorsers

When it comes to free advertising, nothing beats word of mouth marketing. Or in this case, “wear on wrist.” Wearing them on the wrist makes them highly-visible. A person can be standing in queue, eating in a restaurant, or waiting for a bus, and he is promoting and spreading your brand without him really knowing it.

As long as you make these small bracelets affordable and available, people will buy them and use them. Remember that every person that wears your bracelet is your product endorser.

RW-12. You touch people’s emotions

Since most rubber wristbands are made for charitable purposes, it can also have the same effect with your promotional bracelets. When you have a wristband with a slogan that strikes people’s sentiments or passions, the possibilities are endless. If you can touch people’s emotions, what a product represents becomes more important and more valuable than what a product actually is. For a business, that is a tremendous benefit.

3. They are cost-effective

Rubber wristbands are inexpensive to produce. Basically, these bracelets are made of silicone, an affordable man-made polymer whose raw material is easily available. Because of that, you can sell them for a very low price or just give them away for free.

4. They are trendy and stylish

Wristbands are the in thing these days, and growing companies should take advantage of this craze. If you don’t have a silicone bracelet of your own, you may be moving behind your competitors.

5. They are functional

Aside from it being budget-friendly and fashionable, silicone bracelets are highly usable. Its natural properties are perfect to wear from casual users to sports enthusiasts. It is extremely light and goes with any kind of attire as its main function is to grab attention.


1. They may not last that long

Although some types are durable enough, almost all rubber wristbands don’t have a very long life span. If it can last for two years, then that’s good quality already. But two years may be well worth the cost of it.

2. Quality varies between different suppliers

It’s hard to have the same consistency or quality because different suppliers offer different competencies. Search the web for the best companies who handle this type of project. If you can find one that is far from your location, the drawback is you may have to shoulder additional costs for shipping your orders.

3. Nobody knows when it will be out of style

Because wristbands are trendy, the inherent downside is you never know how long is this trend going to last. When people are saturated with something, they tend to lose interest on it in the long run. However, this makes it even more compelling for a company or business to use this kind of marketing strategy right now while it is still in vogue.

Tips on Getting a Good HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable is basically a must nowadays given that most devices now support high-definition content. People need to use the right cable in order to get the most out of their HD content. Without the right cable, the signal might lose some of its fidelity and thus lower the overall quality.

This is true for DVI cables. DVI cables are only capable of transferring digital video signals. This means that people also had to use a separate cable for the audio. The downside to this technology is that it uses compression and decompression in order to make enough room for the signal. The compression and decompression process can hdmi2often lead to a loss in quality.

Using an HDMI cable prevents the loss of quality since the signal is sent without it being tampered with. Below are a few tips for those who want to get the best cable possible while avoiding shelling out too much cash.

Avoid the big name brands or expensive cables

The very first thing that people need to know and always remember is that the price of cables doesn’t really reflect their value. Some people make purchases based on how high the price is. For these people, the more they pay for their cable, the more they’ll get. This kind of mentality is true for certain things, but is far from the truth when it comes to cables.

There are a lot of manufacturers out there and salespeople that will try to take advantage of a person’s naiveté. They’ll make grand claims about how one cable is better than the other. Higher speed and better quality are some of the more common arguments that they use to justify the purchase of an expensive cable.

The simple truth is that the differences between these cables are so miniscule that buying the cheapest one available is almost always the best choice. Avoid big name brands and stick to those that don’t charge much.

Find an HDMI cable with the right length

The length is the other primary concern that consumers should be worried about. People need to think about the length of the cable before they get one. The standard length for cables is about five meters.

High speed HDMI connections are capable of transmitting 1080p signals for a distance of at least 25 feet or 7.5 meters. Standard HDMI connections are often used for 1080i signals and can carry the signal for at least 15 meters.

Getting a cable that’s too long is a lot better than buying one that’s too short. People can’t use repeaters or an amplifier in order to extend the cable’s length. Nor can people cut the cable and just attach the right end using the right tools like with cat cables.

Get cables that are version 1.3 or later

HDMI technology has improved throughout the years. The cable has gone through several different versions with each succeeding version being an improvement over the previous version. However, people shouldn’t be sold on the idea that they need to get the newest version possible. In fact, most people can easily satisfy their needs by buying a 1.3 version of the cable.

Again, manufacturers and sale personnel are most likely to bombard their customers with jargon and information on the merits of getting a version later than 1.3. However, as technology stands, there is no rhyme or reason why people ought to go beyond version 1.3. That version is already future proof by most standards.

Most cables have more than enough room to carry Blu-Ray signals without any sort of loss or deterioration in quality. The version is probably the only other important thing to think about when getting an HDMI cable.

How Do Fireproof Safes Work – Making an Informed Choice?

The wide array of fireproof safes available on the market these days can often make it tough to select the most suitable option for a specific storage requirement. There are lots of technical specifications, test organizations, test standards, and security and fire resilience ratings too. Hence, the following information aims to aid the people in making an educated decision by talking about the different concerns for consideration.

What types of items are inside?

When choosing fireproof safes, it is essential to take into account the physical characteristics of the things to be stored in there. Confidential information and irreplaceable papers are potentially among the things for protection from the hazards of fire incidents. This is why test standards and fire rating distinctions for this kind of safes are structured based on 3 major categories:

1. Paper

This includesFireproof Safes training or education certificate, passports, insurance policies, cash, deeds, and other legal documents. It begins to degrade at 350 °F temperature.

2. Digital media

Examples of digital media are MP3 players, iPods, digital cameras, disks, memory sticks, flash drives, and external hard drive. Digital media start to break down at temperatures of around 248 °F.

3. Data/magnetic media

This category consists of computer backup tapes, floppy disks, internal hard disk drives, audio tapes and video tapes. It also includes cellulose-based materials like negatives, film, microfiche and transparencies. Films begin to degrade at the temperature of150 °F, while data start at 125 °F.

Data media also need to be shielded from the EMI or electromagnetic interference produced by a fire, since this can corrupt data that are magnetically taken.

Fireproof safes can externally act against flames, dust, smoke, and hot gases, with the blazing temperature generally soaring to approximately 842 °F, though this could be higher with respect to the nature and intensity of the fire and the type of materials that are burning. Even so, increasing levels of humidity within the safe may also become a threat for vulnerable film and data media.

How do the fireproof safes operate?

Among the issues which could happen when keeping things in a fireproof home safe is that inappropriate specs could cause it to be ruined by inner humidity levels, as opposed to the heat of the flames. This is due to the way the safe is designed to keep the inside at the lowest temperature possible during the fire.

The typical safe structure comes with a two-wall steel body. Its cavity is stuffed with a special, fireproof composite. Even though this composite may differ between models of safe, it will comprise a hydrate (gypsum or alum) that secretes steam water when subjected to a high temperature. Some of this steam is routed into the safe’s interior, where it controls the temperature and produces a pressure seal against the outside heat. The levels of humidity and pressure are regulated by the strategic positioning of vents in several areas of the safe. This makes it possible for some of the vapor to flee into the fire. These attributes strengthen the safe’s fire resistance. The safe is created such that all spaces are sealed when the inner shield react to the heat of the fire. For instance, the fluffy strips installed in the main cabinet of the fireproof safes any chamber within it, and the door’s inner edges, which significantly enlarge in the presence of heat and seal the home safe tight.

It must be remembered that avoiding critical humidity levels within the fireproof home safes is not equivalent to water resistance, though a few safes do provide the latter. Water resistance is a term that pertains to water hazards coming from external sources.

A Deeper Look into Manufacturing and Buying a Printed Circuit Board

Can you imagine a world without electronics? This is how important printed circuit boards are. These boards are what make components and devices such as mobile phones and tablets work. Paul Eisler, the inventor of the first printed circuit board in 1936, must be very proud of himself. While the initial versions of these boards are very rigid, bulky, expensive and difficult to repair, we cannot underestimate its capacity and power. Nowadays, we are actually seeing smaller, lighter and thinner circuit boards. Also, these boards are quite affordable.

Generally, printed circuit boards are utilized for connecting electrical apparatuses. The boards are usually coated and connected with copper materials. Afterwards, the electrical components will be fused and linked using the copper paths to create a circuit. This will form a printed circuit board assembly, attaching the board and circuit together.

These are called Printed Circuit Boardprinted circuit boards since the design of the boards are often in accordance with the specifications of the users. Bare boards are designed using computers. Fabrication can be hand-made or machine-processed. After production, the circuit boards should be tested to verify that these are from any flaws and shorts. The best part about using these boards once they ready is they can be easily attached to a bare fixed board, maintaining consistency from testing to actual using. Circuit boards are easily repaired as well.

There are at least three types of printed circuit boards namely one-sided, two-sided and multilayered circuit boards. Simple components or devices usually consist of one-sided boards since the functions are few and basic. Components that require complicated circuits use two-sided circuit boards. Devices that utilize extremely complicated circuits will require the use of multilayered circuit boards. As much as possible, the circuit boards used in huge, heavy devices are lightweight so it won’t contribute to the overall weight of the device.

The printed circuit board is made from conduit and non-conduit materials. The goal of using circuit boards is mounting electronic hardware, equipment, devices and components so they will function for various purposes. Boards are manufactured through the use of thin copper layers. Before, circuit boards are usually green in color since they are covered with green-colored epoxy-based material. Nowadays, we can see blue, red, yellow and orange circuit boards.

Mostly, circuit boards are mass produced. Nevertheless, they can be created based on any specification or design of the client. The overall design and board layout are the most critical elements in the production of the boards. With this, users will have to refer to the custom board fabrication services of a particular vendor. Some sole proprietors and small businesses choose to have a small manufacturer to design and fabricate their circuit boards. They usually offer the services at a cheaper price compared to bigger manufacturers and they provide more hands-on approach to the production process. When boards are mass produced, there are usually some quality issues.

Quality assurance testing is one of the best services that a printed circuit board manufacturer can offer its clients. Seek for a company that builds boards for your business without the hassle and additional expense. For most small companies, the cost of each board alone is a serious consideration. Hence, they cannot endure manufacturer errors in creating their boards which incur additional cost in the process. Circuit board fabrication must be performed correctly for the first time every time. A company that provides quality designs, layouts and functions is always the best option.

It is thus not an exaggeration when we say that the invention of printed circuit board has paved the way for technological innovations. While we have Eisler to thank for, we should not forget the expertise and capabilities of circuit board manufacturers in providing firms and industries with high quality, reliable circuit boards that form as the basis of most electronic devices that we used today.

At Imagineering, Inc. we always give you Class 2 on Printed circuit board with a guarantee that our prototypes will meet your production specifications.

Introduction to Golf Balls

Nowadays, the governing body of every sport strictly imposes rules and regulations encompassing the athlete’s behavior up to the playing equipment he uses. In fact, even a sport that involves no contact between the players such as golf requires more rigid rules when it comes to equipment as compared to other sports.

Standardization of Golf Ball

Golf balls and golf clubs must first be tested by the two governing bodies of golf. These are the United States Golf Association whose in-charge with golf in the US and Mexico and The R&A, a group of companies that rule the said sport throughout the rest of the world.

In contrast, the testing and approval of golf clubs are less restrictive than those of golf balls. You can use any kind of golf ball for leisure or practice. However, a specific weight and diameter standards must be met for tournaments. If you are caught using a golf ball that didn’t pass the set standards, you will be given a penalty. The standard weight is 45.93 grams or 1.62 oz while the standard diameter is 42.67 mm or 1.68 in. Aside from this attributes, the performance of a golf ball is tested as well. Specifically, the authorities in golf will approve the symmetry limits, distance, and velocity of a ball.

Early Forms of Golf Ball

golf ballsThe earliest known golf balls were carved from wood. These were used in the first games of golf in the 16th century. In the first quarter of the succeeding century, small balls covered in cow or horsehide was stuffed with goose feather. The feather-stuffed balls were more preferred than wood-made balls because these were easier to make.

The popularity of the feather-stuffed balls lasted for more than a century. However, it was dethroned by another invention in the mid-1880s. A natural ingredient was again used, in the form of gutta sap. Gutta is a type of tree common in East Asian countries. The sap was shaped into a ball and the product was a rubber-like golf ball. This innovation became more popular than feather-stuffed balls because gutta-made balls, also known as Guttie, were better shaped.

After a decade, these early forms of golf balls were made using machines. But it had a disadvantage. Gutties were not as efficient as feather-stuffed balls when it comes to flight. Innovations were made after 10 more years. This time, a golf ball was covered in thread.

In the early 1990s, balls were modified by having lump-like protrusions. The change was supposed to enhance the ball’s flight. This change also led to the presence of dimples in the balls used in golf these days. The dimpled ones were found out to be better in enhancing the ball’s flight.


The Rules of Golf was produced and issued by the USGA and The R&A. Both of these organizations reserve the right to interpret the contents of the Rules of Golf. The rules for the ball are provided in Rule 5 of the said rule book. The Rules and Equipment Committee of The R&A collaborates with USGA for the revision and interpretation the Rules of Golf.

Aside from the aforementioned physical attributes of a golf ball, it must be listed as one of the pre-approved golf balls first. Adding an element to enhance the ball’s flight is not allowed. It will cost a player a penalty in a game.

Any deformation or damage in a golf ball will be declared unsuitable for play. A replacement without penalty serves as a solution. You or your competitors may argue a deformed golf ball. However, you should tell your competitors first that you are going to inspect your golf ball. In addition, you have to indicate the location before you lift it. You are not allowed to clean the ball as well. If you missed one of these requisites, you will be given a one-stroke penalty.

There are additional rules for golf balls in the succeeding parts of the rule book. If you want to get proficient in this spot, you have to master the inspection of the balls. Otherwise, you may be given two-stroke penalty if you substituted a good golf ball with an unfit one.

Why a Misting Fan is the Best Mister?

The abundance of different types of misters in the market can pose a really big question: which one is the best choice? Right away, you will receive a misting fan for an answer, but why is it the best mister you can find?

Relatively cheaper than most misters

misting fanCompared to ordinary cooling fans, misting fans are usually more expensive by $50 for the personal types. However, compared to other misters in the market, you are guaranteed that they are generally more affordable.

You can buy a personal misting fan with 12-inch blade for a hundred dollars while misting humidifiers sell for $300 and up. Misting systems, on the other hand, can cost up to a thousand dollars for extensive installations.

These estimations do not even include the maintenance and utility costs. For sure, your electric and water bill will shoot up with other more expensive misters.

Requires less cleaning and maintenance

Because the motors of misting fans are completely sealed off from moisture and dust, you are saved from cleaning the inner workings regularly. The only parts you have to keep cleaning are the fan blades, cage, air filters, base and nozzle. Even these can be easily wiped clean, though.

Other misters with removable water storage tanks need regular applications of disinfectants, like in the case of misting humidifiers. They also have more complex air filter systems, so there will be an extra work required. Misting systems, on the other hand, have simpler structures, but they often require professional servicing, especially for extension and blockage problems.

Versatile cooling and misting appliance

Other misters can only be used on their designated areas. Misting humidifiers only work well within confined areas where the cool air and moisture do not escape. Misting systems are fixed upon installation, so their coverage and direction can no longer be changed. Water misters are designed to be of good use only for the outdoors. These misters have special designs and functions that do not allow them to work properly outside their assigned areas.

On the other hand, a misting fan can work wonderfully both indoors and outdoors. Its breeze allows it to cover wide area even in your porch or backyard, even under direct sunlight. Obviously, it works best inside the house. If you do not need the mist, you can simply turn the mist off and just use the appliance as a regular cooling fan.

Consumes less water and energy

Because misting fans use a combination of breeze and mist in cooling the surrounding air, its efficiency is optimized without sacrificing water and electric consumption. Average misting fans only run with 60 watts per hour, while they consume as little as 2.5 gallons of water per four to five hours (enough to cool down the air for eight to 12 hours inside a confined area).

On average, this is also the same amount of water used by misting humidifiers. However, there electric consumptions are way up the scale, starting with 1,000 watts per hour to as much as 3,000 watts per hour. This is more than 15 times the electricity a misting fan needs to work.

On the other hand, misting systems use up a lot more water than any other mister and evaporative coolers.

Commonly requires no installation

This is where misting systems become a problem. Most of the time, the installation of misting systems requires professional servicing because there are surveying, designing and installation involved. Laying out the water pipes alone can be very difficult for someone who does not have experience on this. There will also be drilling, screwing and a whole lot of manual work involved.

With a misting fan, you only have to assemble, pour in some water, plug it and turn it on. This is with the exception of wall-mounted misting fans, though. In this case, you will have to do installation as well, but to the extent of what you have to do with a misting system.

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