Introduction to Golf Balls

Nowadays, the governing body of every sport strictly imposes rules and regulations encompassing the athlete’s behavior up to the playing equipment he uses. In fact, even a sport that involves no contact between the players such as golf requires more rigid rules when it comes to equipment as compared to other sports.

Standardization of Golf Ball

Golf balls and golf clubs must first be tested by the two governing bodies of golf. These are the United States Golf Association whose in-charge with golf in the US and Mexico and The R&A, a group of companies that rule the said sport throughout the rest of the world.
In contrast, the testing and approval of golf clubs are less restrictive than those of golf balls. You can use any kind of golf ball for leisure or practice. However, a specific weight and diameter standards must be met for tournaments. If you are caught using a golf ball that didn’t pass the set standards, you will be given a penalty. The standard weight is 45.93 grams or 1.62 oz while the standard diameter is 42.67 mm or 1.68 in. Aside from this attributes, the performance of a golf ball is tested as well. Specifically, the authorities in golf will approve the symmetry limits, distance, and velocity of a ball.

Early Forms of Golf Ball

golf ballsThe earliest known golf balls were carved from wood. These were used in the first games of golf in the 16th century. In the first quarter of the succeeding century, small balls covered in cow or horsehide was stuffed with goose feather. The feather-stuffed balls were more preferred than wood-made balls because these were easier to make.

The popularity of the feather-stuffed balls lasted for more than a century. However, it was dethroned by another invention in the mid-1880s. A natural ingredient was again used, in the form of gutta sap. Gutta is a type of tree common in East Asian countries. The sap was shaped into a ball and the product was a rubber-like golf ball. This innovation became more popular than feather-stuffed balls because gutta-made balls, also known as Guttie, were better shaped.

After a decade, these early forms of golf balls were made using machines. But it had a disadvantage. Gutties were not as efficient as feather-stuffed balls when it comes to flight. Innovations were made after 10 more years. This time, a golf ball was covered in thread.

In the early 1990s, balls were modified by having lump-like protrusions. The change was supposed to enhance the ball’s flight. This change also led to the presence of dimples in the balls used in golf these days. The dimpled ones were found out to be better in enhancing the ball’s flight.


The Rules of Golf was produced and issued by the USGA and The R&A. Both of these organizations reserve the right to interpret the contents of the Rules of Golf. The rules for the ball are provided in Rule 5 of the said rule book. The Rules and Equipment Committee of The R&A collaborates with USGA for the revision and interpretation the Rules of Golf.

Aside from the aforementioned physical attributes of a golf ball, it must be listed as one of the pre-approved golf balls first. Adding an element to enhance the ball’s flight is not allowed. It will cost a player a penalty in a game.

Any deformation or damage in a golf ball will be declared unsuitable for play. A replacement without penalty serves as a solution. You or your competitors may argue a deformed golf ball. However, you should tell your competitors first that you are going to inspect your golf ball. In addition, you have to indicate the location before you lift it. You are not allowed to clean the ball as well. If you missed one of these requisites, you will be given a one-stroke penalty.

There are additional rules for golf balls in the succeeding parts of the rule book. If you want to get proficient in this spot, you have to master the inspection of the balls. Otherwise, you may be given two-stroke penalty if you substituted a good golf ball with an unfit one.

Why a Misting Fan is the Best Mister?

The abundance of different types of misters in the market can pose a really big question: which one is the best choice? Right away, you will receive a misting fan for an answer, but why is it the best mister you can find?

Relatively cheaper than most misters

misting fanCompared to ordinary cooling fans, misting fans are usually more expensive by $50 for the personal types. However, compared to other misters in the market, you are guaranteed that they are generally more affordable.

You can buy a personal misting fan with 12-inch blade for a hundred dollars while misting humidifiers sell for $300 and up. Misting systems, on the other hand, can cost up to a thousand dollars for extensive installations.

These estimations do not even include the maintenance and utility costs. For sure, your electric and water bill will shoot up with other more expensive misters.

Requires less cleaning and maintenance

Because the motors of misting fans are completely sealed off from moisture and dust, you are saved from cleaning the inner workings regularly. The only parts you have to keep cleaning are the fan blades, cage, air filters, base and nozzle. Even these can be easily wiped clean, though.

Other misters with removable water storage tanks need regular applications of disinfectants, like in the case of misting humidifiers. They also have more complex air filter systems, so there will be an extra work required. Misting systems, on the other hand, have simpler structures, but they often require professional servicing, especially for extension and blockage problems.

Versatile cooling and misting appliance

Other misters can only be used on their designated areas. Misting humidifiers only work well within confined areas where the cool air and moisture do not escape. Misting systems are fixed upon installation, so their coverage and direction can no longer be changed. Water misters are designed to be of good use only for the outdoors. These misters have special designs and functions that do not allow them to work properly outside their assigned areas.

On the other hand, a misting fan can work wonderfully both indoors and outdoors. Its breeze allows it to cover wide area even in your porch or backyard, even under direct sunlight. Obviously, it works best inside the house. If you do not need the mist, you can simply turn the mist off and just use the appliance as a regular cooling fan.

Consumes less water and energy

Because misting fans use a combination of breeze and mist in cooling the surrounding air, its efficiency is optimized without sacrificing water and electric consumption. Average misting fans only run with 60 watts per hour, while they consume as little as 2.5 gallons of water per four to five hours (enough to cool down the air for eight to 12 hours inside a confined area).

On average, this is also the same amount of water used by misting humidifiers. However, there electric consumptions are way up the scale, starting with 1,000 watts per hour to as much as 3,000 watts per hour. This is more than 15 times the electricity a misting fan needs to work.

On the other hand, misting systems use up a lot more water than any other mister and evaporative coolers.

Commonly requires no installation

This is where misting systems become a problem. Most of the time, the installation of misting systems requires professional servicing because there are surveying, designing and installation involved. Laying out the water pipes alone can be very difficult for someone who does not have experience on this. There will also be drilling, screwing and a whole lot of manual work involved.

With a misting fan, you only have to assemble, pour in some water, plug it and turn it on. This is with the exception of wall-mounted misting fans, though. In this case, you will have to do installation as well, but to the extent of what you have to do with a misting system.

Author Bio

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fan, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Debt Settlement Companies’ Strategy on Student Loan Management

As they recognize the importance of pursuing education, debt settlement companies propose to help debtors with student loan management. After having been informed that almost two thirds of college students in the U.S. attend school from the sustenance of educational loans, they’ve made it part of their debt settlement services to assist in protecting younger individuals from debuting into the corporate world with overburdened debts and undesirable financial statuses.

Student Loan Repayments

With student loan repayment, debt settlement companies recommendation to debtors is to begin early. Should they be employed months after graduation, making arrangements for student loan repayments is best. This way, even if they owe creditors grand amounts, they can fully have them paid in a couple of years. Rather than wait or splurge, submitting little increments as soon as possible proves advantageous.

For instance, with the case of the 27-year old post-graduate who landed a bookkeeping job in an accounting firm with a $40, 000 annual salary. Instead of using the first 2 years purchasing luxuries (i.e. a new vehicle or a loft), he should register to a student loan repayment program and allot at least $10, 000 as due per year. If he has a striking balance of $100,000, he may have this eliminated when he’s 37.

Student Loans for Students with Bad Credit

debtAfter requesting copies of credit reports, companies providing debt settlement services will review students’ financial standings. Thoroughly, they will check records of all debts and complaints to ensure the sheets are error-free. Subsequently, the appropriate program will be determined. Those with credit scores between 300 and 500 have better chances of getting approval for student loans with limited benefits (i.e. low allowance and low monthly deposits). As applying to many programs only to be rejected can be costly, this lessens expenses.

The Take on Standard Student Loans

Standard student loans are recognized by debt settlement groups as those guaranteed by the government to come with reduced interest rates. After approval is given by creditors, debtors should let debt settlement companies help in qualifying for it among other good repayment options. For a period, only interests are required to be submitted. Among the options these loans for settling debt propose is the option to only proceed with the payments once finished with school. Should it be chosen, the student may focus on academics first. Until he achieves financial stability, he isn’t pressured to fully settle debts.

10-10 Student Loan Programs

To help students, especially those with relatively low-income statuses, achieve debt-free financial standings, 10-10 student loan programs all over the U.S. were designed. These are executed by capping 10% of student loan payments from discretionary fees. For those with small debts, the 10% discount may be insignificant; for those with outstanding debts, on the other hand, the student loan programs privilege them to a lifetime of savings.

Defaulted Student Loans

Defaulted student loans are student loans that weren’t paid off according to the terms previously agreed upon by debtors and creditors. Factors including academic institutions’ regulations and economic changes come into play. Both parties are granted the right to object at the turnarounds. If they do, the only way to resolve the loans is for a court hearing to be in order. As these may have permanent adverse effects, debtors are advised to allow debt settlement companies to assist.

Selecting Home Builders Delaware

Home builders Delaware are a bunch of professionals who are equipped with both the skills and the resources to construct people’s dream homes. More and more aspiring homeowners want to build properties that do not only meet the specified functional needs but also the preferred general home designs.

Today, most home builders allow individuals who want their dream houses built to be both simple and creative when it comes to houses. These individuals can either construct a new and massive house in a beautiful pasture or remodel the house that they are currently residing in.

But the best time for an individual to start building his dream house is when the most excellent among the home builders Delaware has been hired to complete the task. The right home builder will have a direct impact on the success of the house building project and the homeowner’s satisfaction.

home buildersThe most important step that should be done when finding the right home builder is to search for several companies that focus on home building. Where can one find these companies? Well, there are a few options. One can look into the local home builders association because these recognize professional and licensed home builders. There are also builders who are associated with leading builders’ organizations in Delaware. Another way to find home builders is through personal references from friends and relatives. An aspiring homeowner must narrow the list down to at least five home builders in Delaware and compare them with each other before settling for one.

Once the home builders Delaware has been narrowed down, the second step that an aspiring homeowner must do is to learn more about these companies, the professionals and of course their skills. One can learn about the history of the company and at the same time ask about and check out the projects that these professionals have completed. It is also advisable to ask for similar projects to the ones that a client has in mind.

It is also essential to look at the experiences for a homeowner to better understand what can be expected from these builders in Delaware. But when it comes to experiences, it is more advisable to have a conversation with previous clients. Ask them about their experiences about working with home builders as well as the problems that arise during the construction process. By personally talking to these individuals, the risk of ending up with a home builder that is not trustworthy is reduced.

Another essential step that should be performed when dealing with several home builders Delaware is to allocate more time into the skills. To get the best from one’s investment, it is very important to determine the skills and other special elements that home builders can offer. This simply means that a homeowner must know if these builders can fill in the house building needs, can pitch in some great ideas and of course can customize. Then, personally talk to home builders to get a feel of the things that they can do to be successful.

Every aspiring homeowner is well aware that not all builders Delaware are the same. There will always be one home builder that will stand out from the rest ensuring the best house. Investing in a house is one decision that an individual must make wisely because he will be living in that abode for several years.

Home Builders Delaware-we build the most energy efficient homes in the area.

Top Rated Omega 3 Supplements: Considerations

Today, there are quite a lot of product concerns that the top rated Omega 3 supplements are facing, and may continue to face in the future. It is important to know these concerns because these can help in improving the type of precautions that the consumers have to take while using these supplements. At the same time, these can help the product manufacturers as well as the developers in further improving the quality of products that they can eventually distribute to the waiting public.


top rated Omega 3 supplementsThe fish species are considered as the best sources of nutrients for the production of top rated Omega 3 supplements. Various fish species typically feed on numerous types of algae and other similar microorganisms. In effect, they can also accumulate the following types of toxins: (1) dioxins; (2) polychlorinated biphenyls; (3) peroxides; and (4) mercury. Fortunately, the leading manufacturers of these supplements take into close consideration the types of purification methods that they use to maximize the safety for those who will consume the products with omega 3 fatty acids.

Raw Product Spoilage

Although this seldom happens in the field of top rated Omega 3 supplements production, the spoilage of the fish that will be used for the product is considered a vital and serious issue that the manufacturers need to take into consideration.

A study conducted by the government has found out that if the spoiled fish is not rid as soon as detected, there is a great probability that the top rated Omega 3 supplements will not be at par with its competitors, as far as the optimal performance and effects are concerned. In addition to this, the product may pose serious risks for the gastrointestinal tract of the person who will take in the supplement.


Most of the top rated Omega 3 supplements come in the following forms: (1) capsules; (2) liquids; and (3) tablets. As much as possible, you should make sure that you will properly store these products.

Also, proper storage of these products can greatly contribute in prolonging the shelf life of the supplement that you are planning to purchase. The experts advise you to store the supplements within room temperature. Ideally, the storage place should be dry and free from any forms of dirt and insects.

The Omega 3 fatty acids are considered as some of the most famous dietary supplements that you can readily purchase from the market. According to the latest statistics, this has reached sales of more than 975 million dollars in a year already. However, the quality of the fish species that are subjected for the production of the top rated Omega 3 supplements has yet to be determined as of this time.

Why to Use SEO Services?

There are a ton of advantages to having your website displayed on the first page of a search engine’s results. Your brand will have more visibility, people will begin to recognize your name as an authority, and the increase in website traffic can turn into huge profits for your company. SEO services can help get your website to the first page of results and are generally a very good business investment.

When successfully implemented, many SEO services can quite literally pay for themselves.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice SEO Servicesof changing websites to be more attractive to search engines. Major search engines like Google and Bing work by sending out little robotic algorithms called spiders to surf the internet and catalogue all the websites that they find. When people type in a search query, the search engines try to display the most authoritative and relevant websites. SEO services will help make your site seem more authoritative and relevant, subsequently boosting your search ranking and increasing your visibility.

Businesses benefit from having high rankings because search results can act as free advertisements. Not only is it free visibility, the traffic that finds your website through search engines is typically looking for something particular that you offer. For example, if you are running a cat food business and people find your website by typing in, “What is the best cat food?” then your company will look like an authority. People typically trust the recommendations that search engines make and are more likely to buy things from a highly ranking and authoritative site.

Not all SEO services work as advertised, however. It is important to think like a search engine when deciding on the best SEO services to use. If you are considering a tactic that seems unethical or like it might actually negatively impact the visitor’s experience, chances are that the search engines will penalize that tactic and lower your ranking. Before committing to any one optimization strategy, do some research and find out which SEO services are considered black hat. Keep in mind that search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and that SEO is a constantly evolving field. Techniques that worked yesterday might not work today, and today’s effective techniques might actually be penalized tomorrow.

How to Host an Excellent Group Meeting Online

It is true that establishing a group meeting online is an effective way to disseminate information, train new employees, and brainstorm ideas. However, even if this type of communication is very beneficial, it will be useless if the meeting itself is handled improperly. In case you are suffering from many failed attempts to establish an effective group online meeting, it is best that you take note of all the tips that will be listed below for you to achieve a very worthwhile and conducive online conference.

Hosting a Group Meeting Online as a Great Facilitator
group meeting onlineJust like an offline meeting, it is essential that you as a host or as a facilitator has already prepared all the points of discussion for the group meeting. The next step to create a great an online group meeting is to make sure that all the members that you will invite in that meeting are the key people that you should talk about your topic’s agenda. For example, if you will deliberate about the status of your company’s garbage disposal processes, of course, you will not invite the head of the IT department for that. Instead, you will get your sanitary department’s manager.

Never Forget to Bring and Release Some Jokes during the Group Meeting Online
It is a bad idea to exhaust your members and you on talking about the agenda of your group meeting throughout its entire duration. It is imperative that you prepare some icebreakers to release the tension that may accumulate inside the web conference that you will hold – that is one of the key differences of a good facilitator against a useless and boring host. Also, never forget to allot some time for some short breaks.

Do Not Allow Any Distraction in the Group Meeting Online
In addition, never forget to mention in your invite that your members must remove all the distracting things and people around his place during the meeting. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see everything that they have around in their end. In case they fail to follow this, those things may destroy their focus on the discussion that you have started on your group meeting.

Keep Your Group Meeting Online Professional
Alternatively, even if you are hosting an online group meeting, it is important that you mandate them to dress appropriately. Always exert an effort to maintain the professional atmosphere in your group online meeting.

Finally, to make sure that your audience, members, or employees will not be bored with your group meeting online, you need to treat it as a live group meeting. And it is you r duty to prevent and facilitate any conflicting opinions from your meeting members. To finish this off, never forget to use an excellent group online meeting program.

How to Improve Total Quality Management

Total quality management is a very important aspect of every business. This allows businesses to continuously improve their goods and services and potentially achieve world class standards. Every business seeks to implement an effective TQM. The purpose of which is to deliver assigned tasks on time and be able to improve the quality of their work. There are 6 important C’s in this process in order for it to be effective:

quality management Commitment from everyone involved in the organization
Make improvement of quality a part of the organization’s culture
Continuously seek to improve business processes
Cooperation from all people involved
Give ample attention to customer requirements
Effective control must be implemented

Commitment from Everyone

For total quality management to be effective, everyone in the organization must be fully committed to adhere to this philosophy. The policies and processes developed through this commitment shall bind everyone in the organization therefore requiring them to be fully committed to it.

Quality Improvement as Part of Business Culture

Quality improvement in total quality management shall become a part of the business organizations culture. The culture employed within the organization should stay relevant to encourage feedback from everyone involved in the organization. This will help make employees feel comfortable towards tasks assigned to them and thereby improve quality of work.

Continuous Improvements

Total quality management is a continuous program – not a one-time implementation. It needs constant improvements and revisions to keep it relevant such as changes in policies, procedures, and controls. Members of the organization should continuously seek proficiency to perform tasks better. This will then result in continued improvements that will help the brand and company achieve world class standards.

Cooperation from Everyone Involved

Aside from getting everyone to commit, everyone must cooperate with each other as well. The experiences as well as cooperation from everyone in the organization are utilized to develop better strategies and measures for gauging performance.

More Attention to Requirements from Customers

Total quality management focuses on the requirements provided by customers to make sure that your business meets their standards. In today’s world, every customer seeks products and services that do not have any flaws; they want the perfect product. Therefore, if you want your business to survive in the long run, pay attention to what people are saying about your products and services.

Effective Control

Effective controls are necessary to be able to monitor and measure the performance of the business. These controls are also made to help rectify any failures or flaws in the business process.

If you want an effective total quality management for your business, the 6 C’s must be implemented in your process: commitment, culture, continuous, cooperation, customer requirement, and control.

Humidifiers and Your Health

Humidity is a natural occurrence, caused by rainy days, flashflood, and foggy weather. Though natural, too much humidity can be a serious threat to your health. As it rises up, the air fosters the growth of moulds and bacteria. In no time, you might find “stains” on wood, paper, clothes, or any material that can absorb moisture.

WAVE Home Solutions offers high-quality dehumidifiers that reduce dampness in the air. Dehumidifiers condense water vapor in the air, reducing humidity. When there’s less humidity, mould growth will slow down, and cleaning the house will be easier. You will get not just a clean house; dehumidifiers will also provide you and your family with improved health.

No more breathing problems

dehumidifiersWithout dehumidifiers, air is heavy and difficult to inhale. The growth of moulds will also cause the air to have an irritating, earthy smell. When your home has this kind of air, you are prone to breathing problems, particularly shortness of breath and sudden gasps. Filtering your air through dehumidifiers can make it better.

Dehumidifiers turn heavy, damp air into light, clean, and breathable air. The mechanism inside dehumidifiers gather vapor and condenses it, making it dispensable. You can visibly see the amount of condensed water in the reservoir, or drain it down a hose.
Dehumidifiers increase food shelf-life

Most food packaging will say, “Store in a cool, dry place.” But if your home has too much damp air, there’s a great chance that your food won’t last long enough. In no time, cupboards will be filled with algae and moulds, infesting your stocked foods and grocery items.

Dehumidifiers will make your place cool and dry, returning the shelf life of foods to normal. You can enjoy better meals without worrying about germs and bacteria hanging in the air. Every bite and sip is clean and fresh when dehumidifiers filter the air around you.
Dehumidifiers prevent allergies and bacteria

When your eyes itch despite a good night’s sleep, this may be caused by bacteria in the air. Water is home to bacteria, and if you have too much water in the air, the bacteria will also be plentiful.

Nasal irritations are also caused by moulds. These dark spots and stains are responsible for the earthy, irritating smell around the house. These simple irritations shouldn’t be taken for granted, because simple ailments can develop into chronic diseases.

Using air fresheners instead of dehumidifiers can make the room even damper and more humid which is more favorable for moulds and bacteria. If you want home solutions for a better health, dehumidifiers will do the job. You can save yourself from diseases and irritation caused by moulds and bacteria.

Dehumidifiers are not only good for maintaining low dampness in your home; these will also ensure good health for the whole family.

The Perks of Live Chat Software

Communication has been made easy due to live chat software programs. Live chatting is based on a program type of communication wherein two or more parties can connect with each other online. Unlike telephones, live chatting allows video chats and several other features which are not provided in other consoles. Nowadays, companies and other business groups are utilizing live chatting in order to converse with clients and business partners. Indeed, live chatting is utilized around the globe and it offers a lot of benefits for the average web user.

File sharing options

One of the biggest benefits of live chat software is that they provide file sharing options. This means that two parties can easily communicate and can easily share files and other forms of data through the file sharing box found on the software. Most live chat programs, like Skype, allows and drag and drop system wherein users can just drop the files to the chat box and the other person on the line will be able to receive it. Files like Avi, mp3, audio tracks, jpg, pictures, document or excel files can now be shared instantly. However, the only threat with file sharing is that users can also pass through viruses and that is why users should always update their antivirus and firewall programs.

Live voice or video chatting

live chatAnother benefit of live chat software is that it allows voice and video chatting online. Users can now connect online and then talk to other people through video chatting. Video chatting can be done through connecting a webcam to the chatting software and then running the video streaming option. For voice chat, it is also based on calling the person and then having a chat after a call. The only catch with video chatting is that users will need to use a very fast internet connection since connections can be delayed if the internet connection is slow.

Free and without hassles

Most live chat software programs offered online are free for use. Users do not need to pay for them and they can run in almost any kind of platform. Programs like Skype provides free software installers found on their website. Users only need to download the program in order to run it. The only payment that a user will do is if he will utilize the software to phone feature which most VoIP and chatting programs have.

Any type of device will do

Lastly, most live chat programs can be used in any kind of phone or device. They can be used in tablets, laptops, smart phones and even Kindle devices. Most of the programs are also based on a specific type of Operating System and can run in both Mac OS X and Windows. As long as the device supports that type of file then users can install it anytime.